Masterplan fire safety

When planning to build, convert or renovate buildings, one of the issues you will have to deal with is fire safety. The fire safety of a building is a combination of structural, organizational and installation factors. Fire safety is therefore an integral part of a building plan. For this reason, it is important to draw up a Fire Safety Master Plan for each building.

Drawing up a fire safety master plan

As the owner of a building, you are legally responsible for its safety. It is therefore important to consider the level of fire safety. Can users safely find an escape route in the event of an emergency, what are the risks to surrounding buildings and will the fire brigade be alerted immediately? It is important to already take into account risks in the usage phase during the design phase. At this stage of a project, you can still adjust the foundations of the building plan. By taking fire safety into account from the start, you can prevent limitations and extra costs at a later stage. At vb&t Fire Safety & Environment, we now have extensive experience in supervising, assessing, and drawing up fire safety protocols.

Fire safety master plan at vb&t Fire Safety & Environment

You can contact our advisors in the initial phase of your building plan. At the design stage, they can already subject the provisional building plan to tests in the field of fire safety. This way, you will know at this stage whether and with which measures you must take account within the design. Of course, we also provide you with advice on measures and possibilities. When the final building plan is ready, we carry out a building plan check. This involves checking the building plan against the laws and regulations. We look at all aspects of fire safety: materials, escape routes, fire transmission, technical installations for fire and fire-safe use. vb&t then lays down the entirety of constructional, installation, and organizational measures in a Fire Safety Master Plan that will guarantee the fire safety of your building plan.

The Master Plan is based on the regulations in the Building Code, the municipal Building Regulations, and the national/European fire safety standards. In the report you receive from us, you can find the recorded results and possible solutions, alternatives and recommendations. If the application for an environmental permit is the next step, we can also assist and guide you in this.