Our services

vb&t Fire Safety specializes in an integral approach to building safety. We aim for the highest level of safety and are also guided by economic considerations in combination with the client's interests. It is this combination that makes us the most effective partner in the field of fire safety. A partner who never settles for standard solutions, but always aims for optimal results.

Advice & design

We offer creative customized solutions in the field of fire safety and environment, for new construction, existing construction, renovation and transformation projects from the design to the realization phase.

Building types

From our expertise we advise on all types of buildings, such as high-rise residential towers, parking garages, hotels, hospitals, care institutions, office buildings, residential buildings, data centers, distribution centers and storage and transshipment companies.

Products and studies

We offer a wide range of products and research in the field of fire safety. From a quick scan fire safety to an integral fire safety master plan. In addition, we deploy advanced techniques, which fall within the scope of Fire Safety Engineering.

Our services and products

  • Opstellen van vuurlast-, brandoverslag-, opvang- en doorstroomcapaciteitsberekeningen, integraal masterplan brandveiligheid, rapportages gelijkwaardigheid op basis van de NEN 6060 of NEN 6079.
  • Performing dynamic fire simulations (CFD), evacuation simulations using Simulex or Pathfinder. Performing quick scans and extensive BIO fire safety scans,
  • Preparing basic documents (UPDs) of fire protection systems, such as fire alarm, evacuation alarm, sprinkler, water mist, smoke and heat exhaust, and pressure relief systems.

We are ready to help you

Our colleagues at vb&t Fire Safety will be happy to help you. For more information or a no-obligation appointment, please feel free to contact us.